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Gyuzo Japanese BBQ opened its doors during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with a mission of giving back to the community through culinary excellence.  Gyuzo introduced an innovative dining experience centered around Yakiniku, a style of Japanese BBQ in which guests personally cook their meals on grills integrated into each table.  This interactive experience was designed not only to delight the palate, but also to create an atmosphere of community and shared joy.

How it All Started


With interiors that combine traditional Japanese elements with touches of modern simplicity, Gyuzo’s décor reflects its central philosophy and creates a soothing ambiance that invites guests to relax and be present in the moment.  The walls are adorned with artworks from local artists, a testament to Gyuzo's commitment to supporting and celebrating community talents.

Gyuzo's menu is a careful curation of quality ingredients, sourced from the best of local farms and suppliers from Japan who share the restaurant's quality standards. Our signature and unique sauce, Wasabi Churri, is a bold fusion that marries the sharp, pungent kick of wasabi with the fresh, herbaceous notes of South American chimichurri, creating a vibrant and tantalizing condiment that elevates any dish with its unique blend of flavors.

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